Unity Port for A Clockwork Brain – DevLog #9

DevLog Header 9 Small17/11 – 23/11


Last week we kept working on the analytics and social elements of the game. This means we finalised some Flurry events, implemented Facebook sharing, leaderboards, and achievements. We completed our framework abstraction regarding leaderboards and achievements, as well as sharing to media such as Facebook & e-mail. Until now all of our leaderboards and achievements were working with dummy scores, but last week we moved to actual score submission and checks for achievement completion.

Integrating the Facebook SDK took longer than expected. In the beginning, wanting to avoid adding another plugin, we thought we could just link to the Facebook app through the game. We expected that this would launch a user’s already installed Facebook app. However, the link only opened a browser page, which was not what we wanted. So we integrated the official Facebook Plugin for Unity. This unfortunately added 7 more MB to the project and has been under implementation for 2-3 days now, longer than expected.

We also finished the client-side functionality that handles user authentication for our back-end. After that we began work on the synchronisation component, that sends local data to the server when a user goes from offline to online state. Finally, we implemented some low level abstractions and functionality like retrieving the app bundle version and the current session ID.

On another note, we have also been busy working on a dedicated site for A Clockwork Brain. We can’t wait to show you the end result!