Unity Port for A Clockwork Brain – DevLog #7

A Clockwork Brain DevLog 7Week 3/11-9/11


Last week we continued our work on the peripheral side of the game. We’ve been implementing Flurry Analytics, by using Prime 31′s Flurry plugin. Even though everything was running smoothly in a test project, on the actual game the events did not seem to reach the Flurry servers. We’re still investigating the issue.

As you might know, at the end of each game, Sprocket awards you with Tokens, depending on how well you did. To the dismay of many of our future Android players, we realised we had a bug in the current version of the game on iOS and have now implemented the correct calculation algorithm for the reward, so the game no longer gives you huge amounts of currency randomly.

We’ve also progressed well with the Daily Rewards panel setup. This panel appears every new day the player launches the game, and gifts them with Tokens. We haven’t yet implemented the actual reward mechanism, but we’ve setup the panel and its accompanying animations.

On the backend side, we focused on implementing the serialization of the user and the game state, along with other important objects that will be used for persistence and communication with the server. In parallel to that,  we implemented a notion of dynamic metrics that change automatically with the player’s use of the game. Both the offline and online component and persistence have been implemented for those metrics. Also, most of the game logic rules were implemented for use in the offline mode of the game, along with many statistics that occur when the player completes a mini-game.

In the previous DevLog I promised that I would write more on AppThwack. It really is a great service! The automated testing script actually worked and we got some in-game screenshots too. I ran the test with the free atom-based devices and I found that the game crashes in 2 of them: Asus Memo 7 and Motorola Razr. Here are their respective errors:

  • Application couldn’t be installed: pkg: /sdcard/temp.apk Failure [INSTALL_FAILED_CONTAINER_ERROR]
  • Application died after launching – Unable to create files directory /data/data/com.totaleclipsegames.clkwrkbrain/files

I think the reason for the first error has to do with the SD Card/External settings on the Android Manifest. For the second one, no clues yet!

That’s all for this week. Thanks for reading!