Unity Port for A Clockwork Brain – DevLog #6

A Clockwork Brain DevLog 6

Week 27/10-2/11

Last Thursday, A Clockwork Brain got featured by Apple in the Number Puzzlers collection. This did give us a huge boost, both in downloads, and morale! We’re really looking forward to those features on Android.

As the weeks go by, we work less on visible changes and more on what goes on behind the scenes. In other words, nο fancy art for you today!

Since all games have been completed, last week, we finished the Options and Settings screens. We then we devoted our time on the integration of the offline server component in the actual game. That is almost complete now and both business rules and transactions can be run in the game. We also worked on the online version of the component, which connects to our backend and handles the online operation of said rules and transactions.

Continuing our work on game peripherals, we have been debugging and merging some platform-related components that will allow us to store information persistently on the device in order to create and use multi-platform leaderboards and achievements.We also purchased the Unibill plugin that we will use as our unified plugin of choice for in-app purchase handling across all platforms. Because we do not want to be dependent on any plugins, we are also implementing our own, plugin-agnostic, IAP interface on top.

Another area that sees lots of activity recently is QA on devices. Since Android has about 5235 devices, according to the latest number I found on the Google Play Store, it would be prudent to try and test our game with as many of the major devices as possible. I have been giving AppThwack‘s service a test, but unfortunately, since our game runs on Unity, it cannot run the automated tests. For this reason, we have created a small script that will automatically launch and play mini-games, in order to stress-test the app. We expect to have the first automated version on Appthwack soon!

Finally, on the marketing side, we have been really busy gathering and curating our media contacts’ information. By the way, this devlog – like most of of our other blog posts – will be uploaded on Reddit; if you’re a Redditor, go and upvote us!

That’s all for this week, thanks for reading!