Unity Port for A Clockwork Brain – DevLog #10

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Bi-weekly Devlog 24/11 – 5/12

We’ve skipped reporting last week’s progress, as we were much busier than normal. In general, we’ve been working on finalising a number of peripherals and polishing the rest of the game.

We encountered a serious issue with the Facebook Unity SDK integration caused by a critical bug in the Android version of the SDK itself. In summary: if a user wants to login in FB (e.g. to share their score) and then cancels their action, on a retry attempt, the app will crash. You can fix it in two ways:

  1. Getting the newest (6.1 beta) version of the SDK or
  2. Using this easy patch for the current (6.0) version.

In other news, we finalised importing all custom borders for the game, and they actually look very nice on widescreens! Besides that, we’ve been working on an asynchronous texture loading method which should improve loading times.

Moving to new features, we have started working on the Store and Upgrades screen, which should be finalised this coming week.

Stay tuned!